Friday, 27 September 2013

Not my finest hour

Ruby was a delight this morning. A nice relaxed play in the garden before work and off I went to my day job.

Ruby REALLY likes this spot

I can safely say however that this evening has been a bit of a challenge. Ruby was hyper and was determined to chew things she shouldn't. I ended up having to move a whole bunch of papers/magazines from their usual (accessible) spot so that she couldn't shred them. 

She also kept running to the back door, having a lie down and coming back. Not a problem in itself; except for the fact that it has been her way of telling us she needed to go do her business. Sadly, it was a case of "the boy who cried wolf" because the one time I didn't follow her to the back door, she decided to poop all over the floor. And right on cue because I was just about to serve up dinner for me and Ethan. I have to say, it was an experience having to slop up a load of diarrhoea just before having my dinner...bleugh!

By this time, half the Wigan v Leeds RL semi-final was done and I hadn't had a chance to see much of it. So we sat down to eat. Ruby decided she wanted people food and proceeded to do her best to get intimate with our dinner. I'm not blaming her as we were both sat in the living room trying to watch the Rugby. But I admit to starting to feel a little stressed out.

At about the point the rugby was coming to an end (Leeds having lost), Ruby settled down. 

Ruby in 'settled down' position

A little later she woke and made her way to the back door just as I was on my way to 'pay a visit'. Silly me. I should have held it in and taken her straight out, as when I got to the back door, another huge puddle of diarrhoea greeted me.

If only her stomach would settle down! She has finished her course of medicines and at the time they worked really well. The return of the runny poops coincided with the change of food type. These Iams really don't agree with her. Funny that, because our last pet, Clyde the cat also had issues with Iams. 

A trip to the pet shop is in order tomorrow. I'm going to try a different brand of puppy food to see if it makes any difference. If not, I'll contact Gillian (the breeder) to ask where she gets her puppy food from so I can get a supply.

If all else fails, Ruby is back at the vet on Monday to have her second injection. I can run it by them to see what they think. It is incredibly frustrating because in every way, she is doing great. The diarrhoea is the only thing causing a problem. But it really is messing up any routine we are trying to establish and making toilet training a proper pain in the arse.